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Printed, Designer, Handmade Stylish Copper Water Bottles for Drinking Wholesaler


Sudesh Art N Crafts, copper bottle manufacturer and supplier, reinforces the centuries-old-saying pertaining to drinking of water from copper vessel which is said to have an impact on reduction of sugar levels, aiding in weight loss, improvement in digestion and the reduction in the process of aging leading to the enhancement of brain power and immune system. The genuine copper bottles sold by Sudesh Art N Crafts, copper bottles exporter and trader, are lab tested, pure and leak-proof. The bottle has a wide mouth which ensures the swift and proper cleaning. The sleek appearing water bottle can be used as a style statement. These bottles are of the highest quality and purely handcrafted in India providing livelihood and employment to small scale industry and the local artisans.

Sudesh Art N Crafts, copper bottles trader, handcrafts pure copper bottles turning them into a healthy product. Copper is, any way, an essential mineral which is necessary for survival. Mostly, copper is found in the liver, heart, brain, skeletal muscles and kidneys and it helps in the formation of collagen, increases the iron absorption mechanism and plays an important role in the production of energy.

Order copper bottles at Sudesh Art N Crafts, copper bottle supplier, and benefit manifold by killing undesirable virus and bacteria, thereby, charging the copper-bottled water with maximum health benefit. And since copper darkens naturally over a period of time, it requires maintenance at regular intervals. Mostly, these bottles require hand-washing and not dish-washing with the use of lemon and vinegar. Tamarind can also be used as an excellent alternative and washing the copper ware in hot water can help the vessel get ride of the accumulated dirt easily. Order copper bottles at Sudesh Arts N Crafts and get rid of patchy skin, fine lines and wrinkles very soon. Discover the new ‘you’ with amazing health benefits.

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