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Manufacturer and Exporter of Customised Copper Jugs for Drinking


A timeless metal with an element of healing around it, copper utensils have an aura of good health since pre-Vedic times and somehow, still stands the test of time with its ability to prevent diseases and illness. Its virtues have exceeded its utility. Sudesh Art N Crafts, copper jug manufacturer, presents this copper ware, recommended by the ancient scriptures for drinking water by storing it overnight. It has been known for thousands of years that copper metal has therapeutic properties which inhibits the growth of fungi, bacteria and virus. Water kept in copper jug gets purified when stored overnight and is not only beneficial in aiding digestion but ii also prevents cardiac problems. This purified water, has been considered, since time immemorial, the basis of good health and ensures a life that is free of diseases. Sudesh Art N Craft, copper jugs supplier, is offering this luxurious copper utensil which is also perfect to be gifted not just on an auspicious occasion of Diwali but also at any time of the year. The copper jug almost gets counted as an ayurvedic product as people these days are more cautious about their health and concerned about their overall well-being. Sudesh Art N Crafts, copper jugs exporter and trader, realizes the immense benefits and the everlasting appeal of this copper ware and offers to bulk supply at any part of this world.

The copper jugs are also very easy to clean as they need to be cleansed only by hand and not in a dishwasher because the detergent can cause an oxidation process on the vessel leading to a permanent damage. It is advisable to use a solution of vinegar or lemon juice with salt diluted in some water but it is not advisable to clean on a regular basis. Using a soft washing cloth to clean the copper ware would best as the steel wool acts as a scratchy cleaner which ends up eroding the copper surface. Order copper jugs at Sudesh Art N Crafts today and radiate good health.

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