Shipping policy

Shipping means that how the merchandise will be delivered to the consignee with hassle free. We provide three option of shipping to consignee which as given below:-

  • By Airport to Airport delivery services
  • By Door to door delivery services
  • By Sea port to Sea port delivery services

Airport to Airport delivery services

It’s a airline services, where shipment is sent by consignor on the airport, it will reached on destination nearest airport of consignee.. In that case, Consignor will hire the CHA (Custom house Agent) on their end which would be cleared the shipment from the Indian custom with proper filling original paper so that when shipment could be reached on destination airport without any problem. In this process shipment will take 3-5 days transit time and consignee need to appoint own custom agent for clearance and also need to pick up the shipment from the Airport.

In this services need to minimum weight is 100 Kg + otherwise no one airline will not entertain you.

Door to Door delivery services

It’s a courier services, where the shipment is sent by the consignor via DHL,FEDEX,TNT,ARAMEX,UPS and some other courier company who pickup from the door of consignor and delivered to door of consignee.  In that case no one needs to hire the custom agent because these courier company has own custom agent which work according to your requirement.

In this courier services, you can choose the sampling mode shipment and commercial mode shipment, in both cases consignor and consignee can freely work together for long-term.

Sea Port delivery services

It’s a cheap and best way for shipping, where consignee get the best shipping charges according to Airport and courier services..  In this option transit time is at least 30 days because it going the shipment via ocean on different-different sector of sea port. In this way, both need to hire custom agents on their end for clearance the shipment but its cheapest way for big and bulk shipment. .such as 20 feet container, 40 feet container.

When the customer place an order so shipping way will be decided by buyer after that we are committed to delivering your order accurately, in good condition, and always on time promised by us through shipping company.

Delivery anywhere in worldwide except middle east country due to illegal activity

When the order will be confirmed so shipping charges will be paid by buyer. Buyer can choose the option of shipping that how they want to deliver the order. Once the buyer committed the shipping option, they have a right for changing the option of shipping. These are maximum Orders will be dispatched after completed the order and clearance the balance payment within 7 working days. However, in situations beyond Sudesh Art & Crafts Pvt. Ltd. will control, there may be circumstances when there is a delay. In such a case, you will receive a call from us confirming the earliest date of delivery for your product.

In the event that a non-delivery occurs on account of a mistake by you (i.e. wrong name or address or any other wrong info or recipient not present at time of delivery) any extra cost


If you want to insure your packages, you can buy insurance from either your shipping company or a third-party insurance company. You can purchase insurance on each individual package that is sent, or you can arrange to be charged a monthly fee based on your shipping volume and your loss history; do some research to determine what would be most cost-effective for you. If you want to give your customers the option of insuring their purchases, your shipping provider or shipping-insurance company can help you develop a formula that will set the insurance fee for any order.