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Manufacturer and Exporter of Customised Copper Mugs for Drinking


Sudesh Art N Crafts, copper mugs manufacturer, offers copper mugs which is one of the hottest trends right now especially because it is an era of health consciousness. Store shelves are decked up with the utensils made up of the shiny metal. Copper mugs are showing up on several shelves across the world. The resurgence of the copper mugs is partly due to the popularity of a raging cocktail that became famous called the Moscow mule back in the 1950’s. The cocktails comprises of lime juice, vodka and ginger beer and is, true to the tradition, served in a copper mug. But that is not all. Apart from being famous for alcohol, copper mugs are also known for a long list of natural health benefits. Drinking water out of copper mugs impacts our health in myriad ways.

Sudesh Art N Crafts, copper mugs supplier and exporter, provides copper mugs which are increasingly being used by people, especially because of the alarming rate of rise in pollution. People are trying to move away from allopathic form of medicine towards a more natural form of remedy of the urban diseases that engulfs the modern man. The natural form of remedy takes care of the imbalances doshas of our bosy. Water stored in a copper mug or a copper vessel is popularly known as ‘taamra jal’, and it is conducive in balancing the three doshas in our bodies by releasing positive properties of copper in water and thereby, making the water naturally alkaline.

Sudesh Art N Crafts, copper mugs trader and exporter, specifies that copper mugs are not to be microwaved, are not dishwashwer safe and should not be used with hot beverages. Since the copper wares darken over a period of time, they should be cleansed with a diluted solution of lime juice and salt. Rubbing tamarind on the copper mug can also remove the dark layers well and make the utensils shinier. Sudesh Art N Crafts, offers a wide variety of copper mugs that are handcrafted from quality copper and raw material which are not only reliable but also durable. Book your copper mug today and make a style statement.

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