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High Fashion

Comportable Dog Bed


We manufacture most comfortable beds for dogs using the finest quality material like suede, foam, shag, and shearling to allow your dog to position comfortably.

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Comportable Dog Bed


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Leading Handicraft Products & Pet Accessories Manufacturer & Exporter

Sudesh Arts N Crafts Pvt Ltd, an emerging wholesaler, manufacturer, exporter and supplier is surely bent on delivering excellence whilst giving an easy access to a wide array of products, all at one place. Under the aegis of Sudesh Arts N Crafts, products are manufactured and supplied in bulk with the help of our unique expertise to meet customer-specific needs, hence bringing out the worth of money invested by them.

As creators our products take into account the consumption patterns of our consumers and thereby, develop them in a manner that meets the consumers needs. Serving as a platform, we provide buyers with a much more remarkable and accessible experience. Sudesh Arts N Crafts believes in unfolding and pushing the boundaries of comfort and style by making it customizable.

Sudesh Arts N Crafts Pvt Ltd, manufactures, supplies, exports and trades in Fashion hippie Shoulder bags, Dog accessories, cushion covers, leather products and so much more. These products are well versed in their intricate designs, delicate legato texture with their durability which stands up to the customer’s expectations, hence becoming vintage in their own right. We present a clear product catalogue that is easily accessible and comes with product description to make buying process smart and hassle-free. We deal in customized products and designers at Sudesh Arts N Crafts and enable you to create your designs, truly and completely one of a kind, thereby enabling you to make a style statement. Each time you unleash your creative side, we take it as an opportunity to transform it into reality. Having firm belief in self expression, one can shower ideas or have add-ons such as logo imprints, choice of specific colours, patterns or designs as one is comfortable with along with the various sizing options.

Bulk orders are accepted globally, knowing no demarcations. Our effective team makes it easy to seamlessly supply bulk orders in a time bound manner as per your requirements. Who doesn’t wish to see happy customers? We are always there to resolve your queries 24/7 which makes us a reliable and trustworthy brand. Your business is our business because you worth it.