Black Pure Leather Diaper Bag

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Black Pure Leather Diaper Bag Manufacture

If you like to keep it trendy and real than our black pure leather diaper bag is the best option for you. This bag has a very subtle design and shape and is made up of very good quality pure leather, material is tanned and polished to perfection which is giving a very beautiful texture to diaper bag. The bag has a rectangular shape and there are two pockets present on the front of it. There is one big carrying shoulder bag which is detachable and adjustable too.

We have kept the look very in line for this bag; nobody won’t be able to tell whether it’s a diaper bag or not !! You won’t this purchase. There is flap, a kind of detailing on the bag, which is very modern and trendy. This bag is the multitasking bag; you can either carry your child’s belonging or can use it for different purposes. Check the minimum quantity before ordering our diaper bag.

Key Features

  • Customize Design
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Durable





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