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DGSK-102 Supplier

Are you looking for some top accessory for your adored pet? Then, your first choice should be this designer check cotton dog dress. The dress is dyed by using a sleek orange colour, white colour and some other graceful colours that crates fabulous contrast and make you able to identify your little companion from a spot owing to the unique pattern of the dress. The prime material, durable cotton is used to manufacture this dress which makes the dog feel cozy and relaxed. This dress is specially designed to enhance the personality of the little pet among others.

In the center the mid part of the dress has awesome closure which is very easy to open and close. So, by keep in concern all the requirements of the clients and the customers this dress is manufactured perfectly. For any customisation that fit the individuality of a dog feel free to contact us anytime. At affordable prices book your bulk orders now.

Key Features

  • Customize Design
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Durable


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