Pitbull Leather Dog Muzzle

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Pitbull Leather Dog Muzzle Manufacture

Dogs wear muzzles for numerous reasons which includes inappropriate or aggressive behaviour towards other dogs or people, and to discourage them from licking wounds. Whatever the reason may be, it is significant that the dog is happy and comfy while wearing a muzzle and hence, adequate training can take place to resolve his problem. Our Muzzle Is made of Top quality full grain 100% leather, especially for pit bulls. The leather used is DD leather, which is the top quality leather available in the market. This natural leather used is soft and comfortable for your dog. It has a modern design which looks elegant and classy.

Colour of the leather has been attained from purely natural dyes. No Chemical dyes are used which can harm your dog’s skin. It has Straps and Buckles for adjusting size. The metal used in making buckles and hardware is brass which is resistive toward rusting. It is reinforced with rivets hence it is strong and durable. We make custom fit muzzles as per our client’s requirements.

Key Features

  • Using pure leather materials
  • Precise workmanship, elegant appearance
  • Customize Design
  • Lightweight muzzle features a basket design that gives all-around protection.
  • Easy to use
  • Durable


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