Wide Green Leather Mens Bracelet

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Wide Green Leather Mens Bracelet Manufacturer

The dark green in leather bracelets is highly desirable. Dark colors really go well with light shades and spotted designs also. The wide green leather men’s bracelet is enough vibrant in look. It is amazing to buy if you like to experiment with colors as well. The dark green strap is long enough to be folded multiple times around the wrist and small ring shaped fastener is designed with the same green leather.Multiple holes gives you comfort of adjusting the wrist size and create your own style.

Leather bracelets are really amazing to be paired with other accessories also. The watch, band, balls bangle, narrow design bracelet, etc can be paired with it. You can unwrap it clean it easily with a cloth. It can even be washed and maintained easily. Now this amazing tint of dark green is ready to be paired with your choices in surprising rates.


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