The Best Cat Clothing & Apparel 2022-23

The Best Cat Clothing & Apparel 2022-23

Cats are, by nature, one of the most fashionable creatures in the animal kingdom. What better proof of this than the fact that the word “catwalk” (immediately bringing to mind images of lissome models parading down the runway) was inspired by none other than, cats! Now, if you own – and love to madness – a feline beauty, it is but natural for you to want her to look her fashionable best. And without compromising on her comfort!

While it is true that your kitty can pull off just about anything (we know she is naturally super-cute!), here’s a list of the best cat clothing and apparel items in 2022:

Soft Pastel T-Shirt

There are few things more basic yet more beautiful than a no-frills T-shirt in a soft pastel shade – powder pink and blue are always matchless – made of 100% cotton. Your kitty is going to be super-comfortable in it and look adorable! And a happy cat means a happy you!

Printed Cat Harness

Who says style and functionality can’t go hand in hand? Felines need exercise just as much as canines, and when taking her out, why shouldn’t you do it in style? Instead of a plain-vanilla harness, go for one featuring funky prints – polka dots, paisley motifs, floral prints, paw designs, the works.

Pet Hoodie

When there’s that nip in the air, but it isn’t quite wintry yet, a hoodie should be the first choice for your pussycat baby! Opt for one that’s machine-washable and crafted out of soft & durable polyester. Since you also want your kitty to be a feline fashionista, make sure to go for bold, bright colours and classic patterns – checks, plaid, stripes, and what have you.

Knitted Sweatshirt

Knitted sweatshirts are perfect for mild winters – both for us and our pussycat buddies. The ideal cat knitted sweatshirt should be soft and made of high-quality medium to lightweight cotton. Go for chevron or polka dot patterns for a laidback, vintage, casual chic vibe. Monotones and multi-coloured are both good options.

Four-Legged Sweater

Few pet sartorial items can truly be regarded more adorable than a cutesy, four-legged sweater. This type of sweater – make sure it is lightweight yet warm – is certain to make your kitty look drop-dead gorgeous, not to mention keep her warm and snuggly on those chilly nights. Baby blue, grass green, and pastel pink accentuate just about any coat colour.

Summer Shirt

Fashion must be perennial! Get a summer-ready vest or shirt for your pussycat – lightweight cotton and polyester are sensible choices – to pass the blazing summers and humid monsoons in. Light, subtle shades such as white and lemon yellow are ideal. Since we are talking feline fashion here, bold offbeat patterns, not solid shades, should be opted for.

Cat Poncho

Cat apparel in 2022 should be anything but conventional! Not only does a cat poncho spell boho-chic like no other, it’s the best apparel for fur babies who don’t want to get into sweaters. Opt for multi-coloured or dual-coloured crochet ponchos. Top up your feline model’s look with a matching crochet cap. Voila! Your pet just defined stunningly cute.

What to Look for in Cat Clothing

While the above-mentioned cat apparel ideas are unbeatable in terms of fashion, here are some additional tips regarding what you should look for in cat clothing in terms of safety, comfort, size, and fabric:

  • Avoid apparel with beads and buttons, lest your kitty should chew or swallow them. If you spot something irresistible with beads or buttons, make sure these are placed where your pet can’t reach them.
  • If you are just getting your feline baby used to clothing and she isn’t yet super-comfy in clothes, it’s better to opt for sleeveless cat outfits.
  • Get the right size! Every single brand has a different size chart, and it’s important that you double-check the size chart before placing an order.
  • Knitted cotton clothing is perfect for summers, and wool or acrylic excellent in winters. Overall, knitted clothing is stretchier, ensuring your kitty is comfortable and doesn’t feel restricted.
  • Do always be considerate of what your cat feels! Never force a reluctant feline to dress up; she will, in all likelihood, end up hating the idea forever. Assess her mood before cajoling her into it, with lots of gentle love.

Apart from making your kitty look oh-so purr-fect, cat clothing can actually help promote bonding between the two of you! Dressing up your cat can be a slow, methodical process in which you lovingly stroke, pet and touch her to make sure she is relaxed and comfortable. It is a superb bonding activity in other words! So go right ahead and bring out the fashionista in your feline model!