Buy Best Couches for Dog Owners

Best Couches for Dog Owners

If you are a dog parent, the excitement of buying a brand-new sofa or couch is often dampened by the prospect of your canine buddy scratching it, chewing it, or shedding on it. And it’s not even their fault, right? Well, this is a situation that can easily put any dog owner in a spot – of course you can’t get rid of your pet and you also can’t afford to buy that absolutely irresistible couch only to see it ruined in the next few months. Well, we are here to bail you out of your predicament today! Here’s a complete guide to help you figure out the best kind of couch you should bring home for yourself and your canine companion:

What you should Look for in a Couch


While common sense might suggest that darker shades will be better (they’ll nicely downplay what your fur baby’s been up to!), it is better to go for lighter hues if your pet has light-coloured hair and sheds around a good deal of it. Patterned designs – light or dark – are ideal.


Make sure the couch you choose is made of a solid, durable material such as wood. While you would have considered this point anyway, having a pet means you need to take another factor into consideration. Is your doggo baby a chewer? Go for metal-legged couches or legless futon sofas instead.

Fewer Seams

While dogs will be dogs and won’t stop chewing, it’s better to steer clear of furniture upholsteries that have too many seams for aesthetic purposes. That’s because dogs often start chewing at a seam or corner and fewer seams will afford your fur ball fewer opportunities for chewing.

Fabric & Upholstery

This is one essential factor you need to keep in mind for that scratching, shedding, drooling baby of yours. Synthetic microfiber fabrics are a great choice: they are durable and super-resistant to liquid spills and stains. Leather is another classic that will withstand wear & tear and won’t be affected by clumps of fallen fur. Also, synthetic velvet looks regal, and if you choose a short-pile texture, it’ll tolerate claws better and won’t trap fur. Additionally, humble denim features a tight weave, is extremely durable (don’t we all know that?!) and will effortlessly hide any stains and scratch marks. Canvas is another sensible choice but the fabric is more commonly used for patio and outdoor furniture.


A sofa or couch with high-quality waterproof finish such as polyurethane or varnish is bound to stand you in good stead. This type of sealant will help protect the material – especially if it’s wood – from body fluids and claws.

What to Avoid


Though suede looks lovely and is fairly durable, getting rid of any kind of stain can be a herculean task.


Apart from being a high-maintenance fabric, silk isn’t pet-friendly at all. This delicate fabric could get easily damaged even by short claws. Besides, removing any kind of stain will almost definitely call for professional assistance.

Loose-weave Fabrics

Fabrics with an open loose weave such as Tweed, wool, or corduroy can spell disaster if you have a pet. Not only do these attract hair & dust like a magnet, claws may get stuck on these fabrics leading to them unravelling over time.

Additional Strategies

Apart from the aforementioned tips, you may always deploy a few smart strategies that will reduce the amount of damage your pet will inevitable inflict on your furniture. You could use slipcovers made of resilient, easy-to-wash fabrics such as canvas to protect your couch. These could be easily taken off when guests are visiting. You could also apply a high-quality stain repellent that will help protect your furniture from pet stains, be those urine or saliva. Last but not the least, grooming your dog by regularly brushing and bathing him will also help maintain your furniture for a longer time. Not only will this practice eliminate odours, it’ll prevent dust, dirt, and even fur from your dog’s coat from soiling your favourite couch.