Top Six Seasonal Accessories for Dogs Manufacturer

Top Six Seasonal Accessories for Dogs

For pet parents, their canine babies are nothing less than a family member. They have specific needs and wants, many of which vary in accordance with the changing seasons. And just like their human parents have summer and winter wardrobes, they too must own accessories that suit the season. It is particularly important that pet moms and dads invest in high-quality summer and winter-friendly accessories to ensure their dog’s happiness, health, and comfort. Here are six of the finest summer and winter accessories that are sure to please both dogs and dog parents:


Cooling Mat

Easy to place inside your dog’s usual sleeping area, a cooling mat can be a real life-saver for furry babies in the scorching summer months. Made of special materials such as cooling fabric, cooling gel, and breathable mesh, cooling mats regulate the temperature of your dog to prevent overheating and heatstroke. It is easy to maintain and can simply be wiped clean if it gets dirty. Go for one that is durable and has the right size. It is better if the filling is contained in a resistant bag made of materials like PVC as this will stop your dog from ingesting the gel.

Dog Bandana

Nothing expresses the fun summer vibe better than a funky dog bandana! A dog bandana can instantly transform your fur baby’s look, making him look chic and dandy. More importantly, dog bandanas come with practical health benefits such as keeping your dog cool and protecting him from sunburn. Special cooling bandanas are even better for keeping dogs cool during the blazing summer months. All you’ll need to do is keep the fabric soaked in cold water. As the water evaporates, it helps cool down your canine companion.

Doggy Wading Pool

We all love lounging and chilling (literally!) in the pool in summers, so why shouldn’t our four-legged babies? Not only is a doggy wading or paddling pool a superb summer accessory that’s guaranteed to provide your dog hours of fun, it also helps them keep cool, stay clean, and beat stress. Go for inflatable ones or collapsible ones, preferably made of hard plastic or fiberglass so your fur buddy doesn’t end up tearing the pool lining. Throw in a few floating toys and watch him have the fun of his lifetime!

Cooling Vest

While Dogs need an adequate amount of exercise to stay healthy, taking your pooch out for exercise in the summer sun is no easy feat. The solution lies in cooling vests. Based on the principle of evaporative cooling, a cooling vest is fairly simple to use. All you need to do is dip the vest in cold water, wring it, and make your dog wear it. As the water evaporates, the air surrounding his body cools which in turn helps him cool off. Opt for a model featuring conductive layers; this will accelerate the removal of body heat generated by your furry friend.


Winter Coat

Though not all dogs will require a winter coat or jacket, senior dogs, those used to the warm weather, and short-haired breeds such as pit bull and dachshund would do well with a nice winter coat.  Opt for one that is simple to wear – Velcro, buckles, and straps all work fairly well – and has a snug fit. A good-quality doggie winter coat will have a water-resistant outer layer, and warm inner lining.  Also, make sure it is easy to wash and maintain from your point of view.

Heated Bed

Who doesn’t like a cozy bed to snuggle into on chilly nights? Your doggo BFF totally deserves a heated bed in the winter season! Worried about safety? Don’t be. Heated pet beds are designed in accordance with dog body temperatures and work on low voltage to heat up safely to meet your pooch’s needs. Besides, you could also get a self-warming bed. Equipped with a layer of insulating material in the cushion of the bed, it reflects back and maximizes the body heat generated by your pet, keeping him snug and warm.

In addition to the above-mentioned accessories, it is important to keep your pooch well-hydrated and well-groomed, particularly in the summer months. Love, care, the right food, and right accessories are just about everything your furry four-legged friend needs all through the year, no matter what the reason or season.