Decorative Star Collar For Dogs

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  • Supply Ability: 20000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Port: Delhi
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Decorative Star Collar For Dogs

While every pet owner thinks his or her pet is a star, this decorative leather dog collar demonstrates that the pet truly is one! Featuring embedded metal stars, this sturdy leather collar is elegant with a fun, funk element. Apart from its classy looks, the collar has soft luxe inner lining which is sure to provide total neck comfort. Its sturdiness and utility features are reinforced by the presence of a metal buckle and D-ring for leash attachment. Made of high- quality leather that has a naturally glossy texture, it can be easily cleaned by greasing or wiping with a damp cloth. Colors available in this collar type include tan brown and raven black. We are wholesale manufacturers and suppliers of pet goods. As a brand, we give utmost importance to quality and functionality. Our accessories and apparel have made us popular among retailers across India and the world. We offer customizations in size, color, embossment, material, etc. on large orders.

Key Features Collar

  • High Quality Leather Fabric
  • Solid Steel Buckle
  • Custom Design & Sizes
  • Soft Leather Padding
  • Decorative Star Engraved
  • Customize Colors


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