Gray Rope Cotton Dog Leash & Collar Set

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Gray Rope Cotton Dog Leash & Collar Set

Eco-friendly dog accessories have been extremely popular among pet owners for a few years now. Our grey rope leash captures this trend and how! Made of 100% naturally sourced organic cotton, the leash is hand-braided which lends it a high degree of strength and resilience. Dyed with natural colours, the leash features a stylishly subtle shade of bluish grey. It is lightweight and allergy-free – perfect for pet skin – and low-maintenance, requiringjust washing with soap and water. The leash has a high-gloss metal trigger clasp for attaching with the collar.

We manufacture and export all types of pet products to retailers based in India and across the globe. Each product we make is an amalgamation of style and functionality which includes comfort for the pet and convenience for the owner. Features such as colour, buckle type and embossment are customizable on bulk orders.

Key Features

• Hand dyed cotton braided ombre rope leash
• Solid Brass Hardware
• Super Strong But Soft To Touch
• Hand wash, Machine wash, hang to dry

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