A new year in the Handicrafts industry means a fresh start. India has always been a land of diversity. It has always welcomed various cultures and traditions.

Magic of Gifted Hands: Empowering Handicraft Artisans

Each region of India has its unique craft tradition, especially the use of locally available materials. Handloom and Handicrafts Sector growth craved for quite a few years, which have now become a reality prolific.

Latest Handicrafts Trends to Look for in 2020-2030

Imitation Jewelry

One of the artistic handicrafts demanding massive patience is imitation jewelry making. For women to flaunt in style, this industry tirelessly works to make beautiful pieces of traditional and modern style jewelry.

Textile Hand Printing

If you have a look around your place, it would be interesting to note the immense popularity of handprints in India. In the land where intricate works of Madhubani paintings, bandhani originated, you will be amazed at how well the paintwork has been made from fabric.

Handloom Shawls

Handloom shawls and industry equipment requirement has two types of looms, hand weaving, and mechanical looms. Handloom found to be the second-largest generator of jobs outside agriculture.

Leather Footwear

The leather industry is another vital sector employing a large number of employees in this traditional art that India is well known for. India has previous records of manufacturing several shoes, slippers, and shoes with custom designs.

Zari and Zari Goods

Zari works often evoke with a thin line of gold or silver threads. These traditionally used in the garments of silk and velvet. The intricate patterns embroider with high craftsmanship. The Zari worked materials are widely used in clothing and decorative items.

Carpets and Rugs

An important industry is the old carpet industry, and the carpet continues to focus on exports. There are different types of hand-woven carpets produced throughout the country.


Innovation in the handicraft industry still maintains its value at the same level as things did not improve, and change over time decreases early. To keep things growing need to take action to make it so innovative that they can keep things alive crazy.

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