When it comes to selecting fabric, cotton is always the first choice of every individual. Cotton is not only easy on pockets but also safer to use in any form. There are innumerable benefits of using cotton fabric, and there are more than a thousand ways this fabric is used by the manufacturers. That is the reason why cotton is the most widely used fabric in the world. Being a natural fiber, cotton is biodegradable and a renewable resource. Its inexpensive feature makes it the best option especially when you are trying hard to keep costs down for promotional products.

Organic Cotton: New Term But Old Concept

Organic cotton is a type of cotton which is grown in the areas void of toxic chemicals. This type of cotton is produced from cotton plants grown organically. Because no chemicals are used in growing this cotton, that’s why the final cotton produced is unbleached. Moreover, the fabric produced using organic cotton can be dyed with the natural plant dyes which produce healthier fabrics.

Cotton can be processed into a variety of fabrics. Some of the sheer fabrics are:

  • Cambric
  • Batist chiffon
  • Lawn
  • Organdy
  • Voile
  • Broadcloth
  • Drill
  • Flannel
  • Poplin
  • Terry cloth
  • Long cloth
  • Brocade
  • Corduroy
  • Denim
  • Pique
  • Velveteen

Mercerization of cotton is also performed which is a cotton covered thread with a polyester core. Cotton mercerizing is done to improve lustre, strength, absorbency, and dyeability. Dying cotton fabric is much easier than any other fabric as it can be printed with almost all classes of dyes except acid and disperses. Acid and basic dyes are not used on cotton since cotton has no empathy for these dyes. Cotton has excellent wear-life since the fiber is strong and it is easy to launder. You can give different treatments to cotton like water repellent finishes, fire retardant, and mildew resistant finishes.

Twisting In A Right Way

To make cotton yarns, cotton fibers need to be twisted in a clockwise fashion. Then multiple cotton wound strings are spun together, to yield strands. Then these strands are again twisted back in a group of three in a right-hand direction to make a rope. The question here is why so much twisting required? These twists in the cotton fiber result in the finished cord which is stronger as compared to the individual fibers used to fabricate it.

This process of twisting also increases the friction between the fibers, yarns and strands, which in turn increases the line’s resistance to stretch. Besides this, the winding process also prevents the material from unravelling. Though there are a number of ways to “lay-up” a rope, braiding is by far the most common and preferred twist technique. It is done by twisting 8 or more strands together in a diamond pattern. The rope produces through braiding technique is very flexible, stretchable and doesn’t tend to curl.

Cotton Ropes and Pets

There is a very strong, but an indirect relationship between cotton ropes and pets. For us, our pets are our life and we take care of them just like our babies. We get everything that is required for their good health and safety. When it comes to pet safety, especially the dog’s safety, then dog leashes plays a very important role. Dog leash is required to train, control or take your dog for a walk.

You look for a leash that is soft and easy both on you and your pet. Cotton Rope Dog Leashes are gaining recognition in the pet world as these are soft, safe and lightweight. These leashes don’t cause any irritation or wounds as they are made of 100% natural cotton. A variety of colours, beautiful brass hardware and shining ad-on’s make cotton pet leashes perfect style option. Colourful cotton dog leashes would definitely increase your style quotient at malls, in parties or social gatherings.

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