Beige Color Genuine Leather Diaper Bags

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Beige Color Genuine Leather Diaper Bags Supplier

As they say bags are used to make fashion statement! You can also do the same with our Beige Color Genuine leather Diaper Bags which will impress you with its design and carrying capacity. Beige Diaper bag comes in very trendy shade of beige and is boat shaped. There are two carry belts attached to the material, which are seamed tightly with the same color thread to keep the design monotonous. The selling feature of this bag is surely the large space which it can provide you.

The diaper bag design is simple yet elegant and material used is the genuine leather which gives strength to ability to resist any kind of damage. There is only one zip closure to keep the whole design of bag simple and compartment less. You can use this bag on various occasions apart from using it as Diaper bag, you can use this while traveling, as a shopping bag etc. This bag is a must buy for those who loves big spacious bags.

Key Features

  • Customize Design
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Durable





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