Black White Strip Canvas Tote Bag

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Black White Strip Canvas Tote Bag

Life is too short to not own a tote handbag that looks nothing but like vintage art on canvas. This particular tote is made out of the same canvas and reflects how eco-friendly and environment-minded it is. The designs on it are simple black and white stripes, but that monochrome touch is an instant attraction.

The handles are made of canvas fabric as well – very comfortable to wear on shoulders. The canvas tote is spacious enough to carry all your accessories, no matter where you plan to go with it. It is easy to carry and will blend in with every outfit on every occasion. If you decide to clean it, the canvas fabric is easy to wash as well. The bag is an all-rounder! No matter what you stack in it, the bag’s always at your service. It is more of happiness than a handbag. So, get it for yourself or your special ones soon.


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