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Celebrities, business tycoons, various upper-middle-class fellows actually include the unique set of leather bracelets for their grooming style. It’s not only them but the wide range of leather bracelets we are offering to you are not only of natural quality but also affordable. So why don’t you upgrade your status with a new style and buy men’s leather wide bracelets? The design of wide bracelets occupies most of your wrist.

The color is a combination of dark chocolate brown and a very slight shade includes light brown color. A wide strap consists of the 2 straps fixed on the top. Now at the backside comes the lock. Here you can see four buttons that are designed for you to adjust the bracelet as per your wrist or as per your comfort for a loose or tight look. The additional four small-size silver buttons are fixed just to add style to its look. So afford it now and be a celeb.


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