Single Wrap Black Roy Leather  Bracelet

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Single Wrap Black Roy Leather  Bracelet Supplier

The single wrap black Roy leather bracelet is a complete royal black look accessory. The soft and plain strap offers single wrap. The cut is flat and even to show perfection in design. It is fixed in a cross layout for displaying a new look. The lock mechanism is also in black and quality material is attached for maintaining its appearance for a long time. While wearing something formal, or while wearing a black suit, you can pick this bracelet as an exact accessory to match with. Black goes well and precisely on any happening so no worry of mismatches of accessory and your wardrobe.

We are also assuring you a lucrative experience with this original and quality product with long-term usage and no spoilage. If you have bought black clothing for your friend then you can also pack this black leather bracelet to complete the set as a gift.


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