Designer Leather Wide Bracelets For Mens

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Now here comes the dynamic design and a real party bracelet. The funky look is welcome for a get-together, informal gatherings, parties, etc. So the funky kind of bracelet will surely enhance your charm. The designer leather wide bracelet for men is introducing a vibrant leather bracelet in brown. This is a new party design in which the straps are not separately attached but designed in straps only by making cuts. The straps are in criss-cross form. The strap’s cuts are equal and clean.

The bracelet consists of two pairs of a button with which you adjust the size easily. Buttons are also funky in golden and fixed perfectly. Here some more accessories are included like small silver and gold rings to make it an exact party wear leather bracelet. You can pair it with any casual outfit easily. Only the look is funky but the price is again very simple to afford.


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