Single Leather & Steel Wrap Roy Black  Bracelet

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Single Leather & Steel Wrap Roy Black  Bracelet Manufacturer

If you are bored of trying the same simple and cheap quality bracelets that are getting lose and faded with time then time to make a new choice. Yes, the single leather & steel wrap Roy black bracelet will transform your boring look into a magnetic and most majestic one. Here you can see 3 straps with different designs. There are 2 straps with two types of braided designs and one strap is completely plain.

The leather material used is exceptional and fluffy enough. The multiple wraps will seem like you have worn several bracelets at the same time. The lock looks illustrious in silver and very easy to adjust it lose or tight whichever fits you best. The design is tough enough to tackle tough wash. No worries of cuts and feel very comfortable with this piece. Not only the design but rates will also fit your set budget.


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