Leather Wide Green Mens Bracelet

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Leather Wide Green Mens Bracelet Manufacturer

Here is a simple and smart bracelet for a simple and smart man. The leather wide green men’s bracelet is a unique piece. The dark green is again a desirably chosen shade. The design is quite natural and wise. It is a wrist band type of design. All around the bracelet you can see the stitches in white which holds the bracelet right for enhanced durability and gives it a different look too. The lock system consists of a single chit button.

The lock is very simple and quick to do. Even if you are stepping out for a professional meeting then this bracelet will also act highly professional. At the same time, it can also be a great party accessory for you. It goes well with printed and even with plain outfits. You can also match it with any dark or light shade wardrobe also. One more thing guys the design and rates are equally simple.


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