Twisted Leather Double Wrap Bracelet

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Twisted Leather Double Wrap Bracelet Supplier

Guys if your bracelet choices consist of something less bright and light then you can go for this twisted leather double wrap bracelet. Earlier guys used to make a skin-tight band or bangle type solid design bracelet as part of their college and party accessory. But now replacement has taken place and grand leather bracelets are the first choice of fashion followers. The bracelets with a double wrap are like celebrity style. Dark and light brown have combined with black to form a cool leather bracelet expression.

The straps are thin and delicate but strong in performance. Multiple layers with two colors shade give you the benefit of two designs. The lock is adjustable and easy to operate with just a quick click. As I always say the material will be of superior quality. The quality won’t get affected even after multiple washes and you will keep looking stylish at affordable rates.


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