Multi Pockets Genuine Leather Backpacks

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Multi Pockets Genuine Leather Backpacks

These handcrafted backpacks designed with high quality genuine full-grain leather which looks even better with age. These backpacks can be used for casual, formal business trips. It is soft, durable and shrinks resistant. It can provide you unique and stylish looks. The colour of leather has been attained using natural dyes. No chemical dyes are used. The durability of these leather backpacks ensures years of enjoyment. These are destined to become your favourite travelling companion and a unique alternative to the standard backpacks. It is a water-resistant backpack, so don’t worry about if you get caught in an unexpected shower.

The compact design of these backpacks rests comfortably on your back while also carrying your essentials with ease. Besides the main compartment, it has strategically placed chambers on the sides to hold your knickknacks, water bottles, and other belongings. Buckles are made of great quality brass.  SUDESH ART N CRAFTS can produce custom leather backpacks as per client requirements, designs, specifications, dimensions, etc.

Key Features

  • Customize Design
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Durable





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