Stylish Handmade Retro Leather Bracelet

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Stylish Handmade Retro Leather Bracelet Supplier

Everything needs improvement and so your style statement too. Sticking to just one accessory for a long time seems boring. So why not get something different and new now. Guys here the stylish handmade retro leather bracelet is a leather bracelet in black. Actually, the handmade leather accessories are popular and creative. This bracelet consist of a single wide black strap and a layer of a black braided strap is fixed on it. On the side of the braided strap, you can also see the stitches for making it strong to run long.

This design is again a new preface in our leather bracelets list. The lock includes a small round block the needs to be fixed at another end of the lock to fix the bracelet. As it is manufactured in plain black you can also pair it with another color bracelet. The reasonable rates will surely tempt you to take this bracelet home.



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