How to Keep Your Dog Cool in Extreme Heat Without Air Conditioning

Extreme heat can cause extreme discomfort. Luckily, there’s plenty we can do to beat the heat, from relaxing in an air-conditioned room to sipping iced teas and taking a cold shower. However, things are not the same for our poor fur babies. The scorching summer heat can be especially hard on them, given that most dog breeds aren’t built for heat. They don’t have sweat glands like us and most of their body is covered in fur. Dogs typically release heat through the pads of their feet and through their mouths, by panting. Some breeds with white or fine-coated breeds such as Bull Terriers and Greyhounds are particularly vulnerable to sunburn. On the contrary, the black coat of dogs like the Schipperke absorbs heat, increasing the danger of heat stroke and overheating. Here are six great tips you can use to help keep your canine companion cool in extreme heat without the (obvious) option of air-conditioning:

  • Always Keep Water Available

Though dogs aren’t usually water-guzzlers, it’s important to always keep his water bowl full to encourage him drink as much water as possible. Chilled water, or water with ice cubes, is even better.

  • Let him Take a Dip

If you are lucky enough to have access to a pool, you could let your canine buddy take a dip to cool off. Even a child’s wading pool would do just fine. But be careful. Don’t let him rush headlong; instead, make sure he enters the water slowly. Let him stand with only his feet in the cold water for a few minutes. It’s worth remembering that the foot pads of dogs are one of the ways they dissipate heat.

  • Get a Cooling Vest

As the name suggests, a cooling vest is meant to cool your pooch. Cooling vests work on a simple principle – you wet the garment and make your dog wear it. As the water evaporates, it takes with itself the body heat your dog is generating, keeping him feeling cool.

  • Use a Spray Bottle

Consider using a spray bottle filled with cold water to create a fine and cooling mist. You could use the spray on his tummy and groin area, his paws, and inside his mouth. Spray bottles are a great and inexpensive way to keep your doggo baby cool in the hot summers.

  • Give him a Cooling Mat

Try out a cooling mat or bed. Simple cooling mats are filled with water. There are also cooling mats that are filled with special chemical substances that help the bed stay cooler for a longer time. Just make sure not to leave your pet unattended, lest he should chew on the mat and ingest the cooling gel.

  • Buy or Prepare Frozen Treats

We all enjoy ice candies and frappes in the summers, and why should our canine friends be left behind? Treat him to dog-approved ice cream, popsicles, and frozen kongs. Better still, serve him home-made (and healthy) treats such as frozen strawberries, bananas, and watermelon and cantaloupe chunks. You could also make a fruit & yoghurt Popsicle at home, serving it on a bone-shaped dog biscuit!

In addition to the above-mentioned tips, you must follow other simple rules like keeping your dog indoors or in the shade on those blazing summer days. Also, you should remember never to leave your dog inside a parked car on a hot summer day – it can prove lethal. We hope these tips will truly help your dog to “chill” all through the summer months!