Unique Mens Wide Leather Bracelets

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Unique Mens Wide Leather Bracelets Supplier

The unique men’s wide leather bracelet in classy brown is designed with superior quality material. The look really makes it call a classy bracelet as it is suitable for displaying the style and at the same time also behaves modestly. It is a single wrap bracelet which consists of another braided strap on it and white stitches on the sides. The quality of the leather material is excellent. The look is reflecting better with a combination of white threads on a dark-colored bracelet.

The strap is fixed with the lock design in grey. The lock design simply needs to be plucked and attached back to wear. It can be suitably paired with another narrow bracelet, men’s plain bangle or even with a watch. You can even pair it with something of a similar look or different design. Here you can not only pair with your style but reasonable rates also.


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