Benefits of Using Cotton Rope

Top Benefits of using Cotton in Pet Accessories

When it comes to pet accessories, one instantly thinks of collars and leashes. Indeed, the most basic of pet accessories, a leash and a collar are the first accessories a dog or cat owns because it is the first thing pet parents typically shop for. Unfortunately, while a lot of attention is lavished on fancy pet accessories, these humble (and essential ones) are largely ignored as a result of which pet moms and dads often end up buying the wrong collar or leash, inadvertently causing a good deal of discomfort to their fur babies. Here’s a complete lowdown on leashes and collars to help you make an informed choice when shopping for accessories for your four-legged friend:

Different Types of Pet Leashes and Collars

The importance of the right leash and collar cannot be overestimated. These can make your pooch happier, more comfortable, and even prevent injury. Collars and leashes are commonly made of nylon, nylon blends, leather, faux leather, metal, and cotton rope among others. While leather is durable and obviously looks stylish, it is expensive, and hard to clean and maintain. Nylon is popular because it is inexpensive and available in a vast range of shades and sizes but may irritate sensitive pet skin. Also, nylon tends to lose its sheen over time and fade and fray around the edges. Metal leashes or leashes consisting of metal chain links are durable and resistant to chewing, so they are suitable for larger breeds of dogs. But they could hurt your hands and are not at all suitable for smaller pets. Metal chain link collars, on the other hand, may hurt or injure your pet and are not attractive either.

Benefits of Using Cotton Rope

Though nylon and leather leashes and collars are widely available at most pet stores, they aren’t the best materials for you or your pet. The good news is, there is a better option and we are talking of cotton rope leashes and collars. Typically crafted out of premium-quality cotton, cotton rope collars and leashes offer the following distinct advantages:

  1. Cotton rope is extremely sturdy yet soft to touch. It is gentle both on pet skin and human skin.
  2. Cotton rope is organic, eco-friendly, and a 100% natural vegan option.
  3. Cotton rope collars and leashes have a high comfort quotient. They are breathable, never feel itchy, rough or irritable against pet skin. Also, cotton rope collars generally do not become too tight on your canine or feline friend.
  4. Though slightly more expensive than nylon leashes and collars, cotton rope is a fairly affordable option.
  5. Cotton rope leashes and collars are durable and can last for years. High-quality ones do not fray, and are generally resistant to daily wear and tear.
  6. These are easy to wash, dry, and maintain.
  7. These days, several attractive options are available in cotton rope leashes and collars. You may get solid colour as well as multi-colour ombre leashes and collars.
  8. Though well-suited for most breed sizes, cotton rope collars and leashes are particularly great for medium and large breed dogs.
  9. Resilient and strong, thick cotton rope leashes & collars are an excellent option for pets and owners who engage in rugged activities such as trekking, hiking and outdoor play.
  10. Since cotton rope is sturdy, you can be sure your pet cannot easily escape his leash during a walk even if he tugs or chews.

Leather and nylon have long dominated the pet leash and collar segment. However the last decade or so has seen a shift towards cotton rope, particularly as the latter is considered organic and earth-friendly.  This shift is in tandem with the growing popular preference for environment-friendly, recyclable products.

It is important to note that when choosing a cotton rope leash and collar, you must factor in size and diameter. If you have never tried cotton rope leashes and collars on your pet before, it’s best to invest in one today. Chances are, you’ll never want to go back to whatever you were using before!