Reddish Brown Twist Bolo Leather Bracelet

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Reddish Brown Twist Bolo Leather Bracelet Manufacturer

There are various ways to show off your style statement. If the question is of a magnetic accessory then what can be better than a leather bracelet. If you are still not a fan of it then the design I am going to introduce you will compel you to be a great follower of this accessory. So here comes the reddish-brown twist bolo leather bracelet.

The braided strap is very thin in design. All around the bracelet you can see the braids. It is almost of the bangle design. The lock is framed in rough grey material. The bullet type design is easy to open with a small pointed button press. This bracelet is honestly great to try on any occasion. You can even wash this bracelet and it will not show any damage in return. Any age group men can try out this unique accessory at an amazing cost.


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