Wide Brown Leather Mens Bracelet

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Wide Brown Leather Mens Bracelet Supplier

Now gentlemen’s it’s time to be heroic. If your question is how then the answer is here. The wide brown leather men’s bracelet is all ready and perfect to offer you a heroic look. Just see how attractive bright brown shade is flaunting and seems mesmerising. The design is very straightforward. Simply a very long strap in brown is warped multiple times. The elegant and smooth leather is very comfortable to wear. Once you wrap it around your wrist it will form into a wide bracelet design.

A small golden screw-size lock is designed to hold the strap in the form of bracelet. Size adjustments are also possible with ease with multiple holes captioned. When you will pair it with a brown leather watch then imagine what a tough heroic look of yours will be reflected. Only your look will be tough and drastic but rates won’t be tough on you at all.


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