Brown Mens Leather Wide Bracelet

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Brown Mens Leather Wide Bracelet Supplier

Guys are you still experimenting with your accessories and different looks. Then you should definitely try this. The brown men’s leather wide bracelet is suitable for those who keep trying new accessories and want some different designs always. This bracelet is coated with a combination of dark and light brown colors. The design looks like cracks. The cuts are evenly made and the material is very smooth to touch. It is long and broad enough to be wrapped multiple times. It consists of a small screw type silver lock to fix the bracelet.

The multiple holes are designed to wear and modify according to your wrist size. A small ring-type belt is designed to hold the strap when you will wear and lock it. If you are robust enough and have a wide wrist then this bracelet will be displayed amazingly. You can carry on your stylish experiments at really reasonable rates.



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