Handmade Mens Wide Leather Bracelets

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Handmade Mens Wide Leather Bracelets Supplier

In real a person is called stylish when he wears something different and occasionally tries new styles every time. The handmade men’s wide leather bracelet is a creation that has to be tried at any cost. The bracelet design has been upgraded little more this time. A dark brown bracelet consists of little light brown shades. A wide leather strap is stitched from all sides and it consists of some space from the backside when you will wear it. Next,

the 2 straps are fixed on it and then another 2 straps are attached on each side with the help of a lace. 2 ring-shaped belts are for extra support. The buttons are in golden to fix easily with numerous adjustments. The quality stitches create durability and looks, both of the bracelets. The design will have space at the back when you will wear it and this makes this design different from other bracelets layout.


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