Stylish Braided Unique Leather & Silver Bracelet

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Stylish Braided Unique Leather & Silver Bracelet  Manufacturer

Now first-time let’s experience the magic of dark and light color combination in a leather bracelet. Till now we explored dark shades in bracelets but now we will encounter some more different look of leather bracelets. The stylish braided unique leather & silver bracelet is playing with dark brown shade and white color. The braids are designed very clean and even with white and brown. The advantage of light and dark color assortment will display your bracelet clearly.

This is a single wrap bracelet. The lock design in silver is shining bright. The lock is very simple and quick to work. This bracelet will go well with a dark and even light wardrobe. Such designs need no special moment or occasion to match. It will set well whenever you want. The quality is highly reliable and won’t fade for long years. This bracelet is suitable for both traditional as well as casual apparel.


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