Wide Handmade Designer Leather Bracelet

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Wide Handmade Designer Leather Bracelet Supplier

The handmade designer accessories have creativity level and at reasonable rates. The fashionable sides are quite crazy for such accessories, no doubt. Therefore the wide hand-made designer leather bracelet in dark brown will play the mesmerizing creativity on you. The design is simple and popular in brown and braids are perfect to view. It is a single wrap design to wear on men’s wrist. The leather quality is superior enough and tackles tough cleaning easily. No fear of cuts and damage. It will be completely comfortable on your wrist.

The lock system in black is of plastic and consists of a simple open and close structure. Your selection of a wardrobe to be paired with this bracelet won’t go wrong. It is quite adaptable to all options. This bracelet is a great choice for college or minor meetings. This simple pick is suitable for all age groups like elder men and young dudes as well.



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